Schonwald – Night Idyll

Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, we’ve got ourselves a new Schonwald album! The fourth creation of the italian duo, entitled “Night Idyll” has had its premiere yesterday on Manic Depression Records, and has already found its way to the ears of yours truly. The band had promised a change of style; in their own words – to make “a step forward from the gloomy shades”, transforming into “psychedelic drone made of shimmering ethereal movements” – whatever the heck that means. So, how did this work out? There are surely some pretty good catchy moments out there, “Austral”, “Love Collides”, or “Damage” in particular. However, I feel the band was a bit shy of that change of course, and they kind of stopped mid-way. Or even further, but stopped nevertheless. If the album as a whole sounded like these  tracks, it would be a really great piece. But don’t get me wrong – my personal preferences aside, it is still a good offering, in fact, one of the best that I’ve heard so far this year. Give these guys a listen, they definitely deserve it.