The Last Days Of Jesus – The Last Circus

Finally we have a new album from The Last Days Of Jesus! The youngest child of these madmen is called “The Last Circus” – it’s the most diverse album in the career of this Slovak gothic scene legend,  full of sad hits and crazy songs.

Open your minds and brace yourselves for complete havoc! The recording of “The Last Circus” was accompanied by special guests such as: outstanding jazz singer Hanka G., contrabassist Fabko (The Rockefellas) and French multiinstrumentalist Hellebore (Crimson Muddle/ Deadchovsky)

Album consists of sixteen tracks in typical The Last Days Of Jesus vein of batcave spookiness. It was well worth to wait for this album for over eight  years. “The Last Circus” kicks your asses with no mercy, and takes no prisoners. If you dare, order this album now!