The Best Albums of 2017!

We just started preparaton for our "The Best Albums of 2017" poll. We decided to start early since we don't want to miss any quality albums this year. We will start our poll in December but you can help us now ... > More

Schonwald – Night Idyll

Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, we've got ourselves a new Schonwald album! The fourth creation of the italian duo, entitled "Night Idyll" has had its premiere yesterday on Manic Depression Records, and has al... > More

Imandra Lake – Avane

Lake Imandra lies in the vicinity of Murmansk, deep in Russia on the Kol pennisula. Situated in the subarctic, it's famous for its crystal clear waters and the richness of the surrounding ecosystem. How did thi... > More

Bizzare – Beautica

Well, no one saw this coming (that includes us two lovely lads) - an estonian week in Epic Garden Music! So, to get things started, Bizarre were probably the first bands in all of the Baltic States, if not for ... > More