Nürnberg – Paharda

Nürnberg is a post-punk musical duo formed in 2016 in Minsk, Belarus – the band’s work is influenced by post-soviet cities depression, existentialism, social problems in modern industrial world, pressure and fatigue but also by some essential feelings that make us more human – the ability to love and feel compassion.

Their music is somber, moody, atmospheric and energetic. Influenced by 80’s British post-punk / new-wave / coldwave sound, crawling with melancholy, gloom and desolation awash with shimmering reverb and bittersweet melodies.

Kick and clap drum beats and huge bouncing melodic basslines set the impending sense of despair, annihilation and helplessness, while searing wistful guitar leads ebb and flow, chasing and dancing with forlorn emotional vocals in a dark embrace of inexorable death. The first demo was released in August 2017. At that time Nürnberg began recording their EP named “U Nikudy“, on 5th November band released the debut album – “Skryvaj“, on 5th September 2019 band released a single named “Mora”. The band has played at festivals and shows around Belarus, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.

On 20th April 2020 Nürnberg released the second album entitled “Paharda”. Album has a plot, if you go along the track list, the presence of the songs “Faith” (Viera), “Hope” (Nadzieja) and the absence of “Love” is noteworthy, which is a bit strange at first glance, as it seems to be a romantic album. But if you look closely, the title contains just the antithesis of “Love” – ​​”Contempt” (Paharda). This state, a sensation experienced by the lyrical hero, with the exception of some songs at the beginning, when he still has hope for something bright and clear. But, for example, songs like “Hug” (Abdymi) and “Letters” (Listy) break the atmosphere of romanticism. The hero, as it were, goes through various emotions related to love, but to the end, all the same, these emotions come down to negative ones: sadness, longing, melancholy reflection. In the end, he even experiences the Katarsis, and now he has a new inner worldview.

1. “Demo” (EP, 2017)
2. “U nikudy” (EP, 2018)
3. “Žorstka” (Single, 2018)
4. “Skryvaj” (Album, 2018)
5. “Mora” (Single, 2019)
6. “Paharda” (Album, 2020)