Dead And Buried: Shallow Sanction + Girl In Synthesis + Part1

Dead and Buried is the Deathrock night in London running for the past 15 years. Run by DJ Cavey Nik who has DJ’d in the international scene. The club has moved around different locations in North London and now is based at Club Kolis in Archway with events on a quarterly basis. Dead and Buried has a long running reputation of playing a mix of Deathrock, Post Punk tunes from all over the world from classics to new entries and an attracts an international devoted crowd. Last night was no different, starting the night with three London based bands. To open the night the band Shallow Sanction punk H/C with deathrock guitars, a young band that brought their own aficionados and gave a powerful performance. Second band was the garage/post punk Girls in Synthesis, a new project from John ex-singer of the now gone post punk band Neil’s Children. Excellent performance from the trio with powerful drumming by Nicole, the bass and guitar facing each other with energetic vocals and unusual vox/guitar set up on stage, reminded me of the minimal and direct performing approach of Slaves.

Main band were Part 1, historical band from the Anarcho/Dark Punk London scene of the 90s, as usual they never disappoint, top quality performance, a perfect mix of energy and darkness, powerful and intense with punky vox and dark shimmering guitar. Just before 0100 the Dj set started with DJ Cavey Nik and Dj Kalle ( Mescaline Babies) playing a mix of Deathrock, Old school Goth, Electro Punk and Cold Wave from International artists. The thing I love about Dead and Buried is that you won’t hear the top ten tunes of classic Goth but you discover past and present obscure artists that will change your life! I personally have discovered so many great bands through those nights and danced until dawn in a friendly and warm atmosphere with a beautiful and friendly crowd. Th night ended at 4am and my feet were hurting but happy. Next Dead and Buried will be the 22nd of September with two bands: Kadeadkas, Deathrock from Germany/Croatia and the London based Deathrock, Horror Punk The Creeping Terrors holding their release party for the debut album Evil Witch Bitch.