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Which bands recorded songs: "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart"?

  1.    Joy Division
  2.    Christian Death
  3.    Alien Sex Fiend
  4.    45 Grave
  5.    Bauhaus
  6.    The Cure
  7.    Siouxsie & The Banshees
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Bizzare – Beautica

Well, no one saw this coming (that includes us two lovely lads) – an estonian week in Epic Garden Music! So, to get things started, Bizarre were probably the first bands in all of the Baltic States, if not for the whole of ex-USSR sphere that started gazing at their shoes. Active between 1992-1998, the band released two albums, first of which should be very appealing to people who dig sounds akin to Lush, Slowdive and all assorted hazyness. The album’s prouduction values are not something to die for, but then again, one should take the reality of early 90’s Estonia into consideration. That said, it is nevertheless a good shoegaze album, worth mentioning not only because of its relatively exotic (for a typical Western Hemisphere based listener) origins.


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