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Please answer the following question

Which bands recorded songs: "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart"?

  1.    Bauhaus
  2.    Alien Sex Fiend
  3.    The Cure
  4.    45 Grave
  5.    Christian Death
  6.    Joy Division
  7.    Siouxsie & The Banshees
Just select the correct answers among the proposed
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Return To The Batcave Festival 2017

Strona WWW: zobacz

Kiedy? 12/10/2017 - 15/10/2017
Start: 18:00 - Koniec: 07:00

Miejsce: CRK
Adres: Jagiellończyka 10c
Miejscowość: Wrocław

Return To The Batcave is total DIY independent event which promotes crazy, spooky and twisted music from the music genres known as post-punk, coldwave, deathrock, gothic-punk, gothabilly and other related weird and experimental music styles with its direct roots in the 80’s of the twentieth-century, and whose common elements are art and good fun.

Confirmed bands:

Skeletal Family
Charles De Goal
Honeymoon Cowboys (ex-Siglo XX)
Dirty Weather Project
Martyr Whore
Dystopian Society
Winter Severity Index
Whispering Sons
Kælan Mikla
Blood Bitch
European Ghost
Ben Bloodygrave

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