Dead Born Babies

Dead Born Babies is formed in 2011 in Canada after a long sleep in their lovely precious coffin but made their dream come true as soon they woke up from being born dead and released their album A Call to Cult in September 2014 via Crysella Records with 10 tracks and 2 exclusive bonus tracks on the physical copy.

In 2017 DBB has gone solo after the other babies dropped out back to sleep in their precious coffins.
Baby Basterd aka Fher Knight will go as Fher knight after he shed his baby skin for good and released the track Lost in Love in the summer darkness of June 2017 from the EP that will be released later this year or next year due the lack of time and being busy.


Band members: in the past&now:

Baby Basterd aka Fher Knight:
guitars, vocals & keyboard
Mummy Baby: bass & vocals
Fangy: rythm sequences

Let’s shake, rattle and roll.

Where comes the name DBB from to terrorize living people?

First of all the dark context of the tittle is pretty much shocking. The name was created consciously that would sound offensive to certain sensible people, we didn’t really care much to find out the way their reaction would be so we just went for it. There’s not a special meaning in the band’s name other than taking power and showing we do what we feel like doing no Mather what.

Do you have certain periods you are more inspired than others to write lyrics?

I’m inspired to write lyrics 24/7 since a couple months ago, I have my phases. It can take an entire year without writing anything, I actually never considered my self a lyricist because I was not feeling comfortable and most of the lines came out pushing a lot to make them happen.
In the current phase words come out permanently and smooth, so I have to take the advantage to enter to the studio and make those recordings realized when my Beloved MOON gets to turn my phase on.

The music is very deliciously haunting, are the tracks about the livings you spooked out?

They are about the livings who spoke us out. We adapted all the haunted and horror idioms to make them synonyms of „politicians”, „Global corporations”, „society „, etc…
Metaphors always allow the lyricist the chance to move freely in the literature, plus…who dictates the literature rules and why to follow them?
But yeah, that was pretty much about bitching against social garbage. This way we kept the Horror and Gothified feeling to a Post Punk sound.
Also the listeners are gonna notice that for this new material I left those metaphors behind and I turned the Madness to Darkness.

Can you tell more about the songs in Spanish, were they about?

Oh Yeah those tracks. La hora marcada is a personal protest against the work system and how this affects the individuality in every one of us. The metaphors in its lyrics refer to aspects such as the simple fact of how the wake alarm becomes traumatizing in those nights of insomnia when you are totally aware all night of how bad will be when those alarm rings pop up, Then you’ll have no choice other than going to give your self to work in a straight conditional time with no concessions. La hora marcada is relative to the alarm clock and the frustration feeling when you have to rent yourself to a non pleasant job.

El incienso del infierno contains a lot of metaphors of how social life has been swamped by the internet and social networks, and all of that damage and transformation has turned to a fail community in our human behaviour step by step.

Which country would you like to play live and what do you prefer, a festival or club, small or big audience?

I would like to tour America on the east cost where the Texas scene and surroundings are hitting strong for a few years by now. I wanna go there and play for once. I say this because I lived in Texas for 3 years and funny I never played in a band on this period. That’s was around 2001. And of course the always busy scene from west coast would be also a lovely achieve.

Do you see creatures in the shadows at night that bring you melodies for the songs you are on?

All the time, 24/7 I’m not exaggerating but I keep my mind busy in all those demons who come from inside ourselves too. I have been multitasking forever for the past 11 years since already taking care of those demons permanently have occupied the first place task for unending time.

Interview by Sophi Katz