Imandra Lake – Avane

Lake Imandra lies in the vicinity of Murmansk, deep in Russia on the Kol pennisula. Situated in the subarctic, it’s famous for its crystal clear waters and the richness of the surrounding ecosystem. How did this eerie locale influence the estonian musicians of Pia Fraus, I can only guess – either they linked the dreamy landscapes as fitting to their style or there was some other cause something of similar (un)importance. Anyway, Imandra Lake is one of the many side projects of the aforementioned estonians, and, not surprisingly, genre-wise they are more or less keeping the boundaries defined by their parent band, with the dreampop/ambient elements being prevalent and brought to the forefront. After some spent on catching up with their releases, I found the 2014 album “Avane” to be their best. However, bear in mind that practically all of their material is of similar, and, in my opinion, top-notch quality. For the fans of Basic Nature, Echo Lake, Hammock and similar ethereal sounds. Good stuff.