Severance is a Gothic Rock band strongly influenced by the dark 80s New Wave and Post-Punk acts. Severance has shared the stage with great bands like Two Witches, The Beauty Of Gemina, Christian Death, Spiritua... > Czytaj Całość

Martyr Whore

Martyr Whore is a French goth / post-punkband and they saw the light as a band in the mid 90's. Playing deathrock a la Christian Death's original style. In 1995 they released an album entitled "Roseydolvelt Bal... > Czytaj Całość


Masquerade began in late 2012, founded by vocalist Suzi Sabotage and then-bassist Sebastian Holm. Before the end of 2012, Masquerade was quite a long time a vaguer post-punk project with no specific name, riddl... > Czytaj Całość

The Quinsy

The Russian band The Quinsy was formed in 2001 by Vladimir Tkebuchava. The band started performing in several local underground clubs, such as Red Club. In 2005 The Quinsy experienced a lot of hardships and wa... > Czytaj Całość


Götterdämmerung was formed in August 1991 in The Netherlands but moved later on to Berlin, Germany. Götterdämmerung’s style is a combination of Gothic, Post-punk and Noise. Influences from Sisters of Mercy, ... > Czytaj Całość

Virgin In Veil

Created in January 2015 by Jacques Saph (Secular Plague, Masquerade, ex-Sleeping Children), Virgin in Veil is a deathrock band from Helsinki, Finland. Virgin in Veil released its first demo two months after ... > Czytaj Całość